May 28, 2006


For every wine enthusiast there comes a time when he or she comes across the so-called fortified wines. Those wines are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Malaga, Marsala and others. Many of those wines are nowadays out of fashion, since they are regarded as too heavy, or too sweet. But the fascination still remains for some people...

The first time I came across Madeira wine was when I visited the island in 1995. I became "hooked" immediately and more visits followed. My interest in Madeira wine grew, but at that time, there was little information available. So I wrote up my own "book" and added more - every time I found another piece of information. And that is the story of this little collection of facts about Madeira wine. There is no commercial interest in this whatsoever, but I request the copyright for these pages. Any citation or reproduction by whatever means requires the written consent of the author.

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All those who are really interested in getting into detail about Madeira are advised to read the excellent book by Alex Liddell. More information is available in the bibliography section.

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Dr. Wolf Peter Reutter