January 05, 2007

Tasting Notes

For a long time I was very uncertain about posting tasting notes. My experience with wine in general is limited, I only consider myself a Maderia wine amateur. Also I think that tasting is something very personal and wines that I like do not necessarily have to please other people's palates. On the other hand since the amount of old bottles of Madeira wine is getting smaller all the time, I would like to share my tasting notes nevertheless. They might help with a buying decision, assist in your own tasting and last but not least some wines might not easily be tasted again since there are simply just few bottles (or even none) left.

Any feedback on the tasting notes is highly appreciated. Read them carefully and mind my status as an amateur, after all tastes might be different. I will dig out all the older tasting notes eventually. These were never intended for posting, so you might notice that they are somewhat sketchy. Also you will note some evolution in the tasting notes (at least this is what I would like to believe). And finally you will note, that my wine-personality was shaped by German Rieslings. The ideal of a sweet German Riesling like "Sp├Ątlese", "Auslese", "Trockenbeerenauslese" or "Eiswein" is a balance between acidity and sweetness. I also like to find this balance in a Madeira wine.

The focus of course is on vintage Madeiras (Frasqueira) and Solera wines, but also the tasting notes of Colheita and Harvest wines will be published. Finally some blended wines of interest will also be described.

The tasting notes are sorted by vintage year (if available), producer and grape variety, just like in the vintage list of this website. Enjoy!

Vintage Madeiras (Frasqueira) and Soleras

Colheitas and Harvest wines

Blended Madeira wines