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General Information

Any tourist travelling to Madeira island for the first time will notice some differences to the rest of the world: the wine (of course), the flowers, the food, the way of driving, and so on. Most differences are pleasant and there is only a very small number of things about Madeira island that strike me as negative, the permanent building of new tourist facilities resulting in the destruction of vineyards being one.

Any tourist visiting Madeira island can find general information in the links below. As with any link on this website, I have no commercial connections or interest with these links, nor do I take any responsibility for these links or their contents whatsoever.

A good website with lots of information is the Strawberry World website:

A free travel guide for downloading, available in many languages can be found at the Arrival Guides website:

Basic information in a compact layout can also be found at the Wordtravels website:

Many links related to the island of Madeira, edited by a german travel agent, mostly in german, some in english:

The website of the Direcção Regional do Turismo the Madeira Tourist Board can be found at:
They offer a good general map of Madeira island for downloading (3 Meg, pdf-format) as well as some brochures, especially a Madeira and Porto Santo Guide.

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