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October 26, 2007

Silas Weir Mitchell's "A Madeira Party" online now...

A long term project of mine has finally come to a good end:
Please find the complete text of "A Madeira Party" online now here at www.madeirawineguide.com.
The story "A Madeira Party" by Silas Weir Mitchell was first published in 1895. Since then it has been published in about 30 different versions, most often together with a second story "A little more Burgundy". The text shown here is taken from one of the earliest publications in 1895 from The Century Co., New York, printed by The De Vinne Press.
I used the original text layout and all the typos are exactly from the original (or so I hope). Anybody interested in obtaining "A Madeira Party" as a printed book is advised to get the 1975 edition of Corti Brothers, Sacramento, still available from the company. This book also contains a very interesting essay on "Our Madeira Tradition" by Roy Brady.
Some contents of "A Madeira Party" might not seem "correct" these days, but of course the story has to be seen in its historical context. I find it quite entertaining, especially since it offers an interesting glimpse back into American history. Also for the Madeira wine lover it contains lots of information about old Madeira wine drinking habbits, general knowledge about Madeira wine and some myths about Madeira wine too. And even though I feel very much at home in the 21st century, I envy these guys their full decanters of Madeira wine...
To find the complete text please click on "Silas Weir Mitchell's A Madeira Party" on the right side.
Enjoy reading!