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September 26, 2010

Thank god its autumn.

Summer is finally over, autumn is here and it is Madeira drinking time again! In my opinion rather heavy wines like Madeira do not drink so well when it is hot. So even when the weather is turning to clouds, wind and rain, the really good thing is: now is the time for drinking Madeira wine (again).


So now is also the time to fill up your Madeira wine stocks if you haven’t done this already. I generally prefer the 10 year old or 5 year old blends for everyday drinking. Also Colheita wines are a very good value when it comes to special occasions. And some three year old wines are certainly worth giving them a try before using them for cooking only…


This is the first post using the newly installed Windows Live Writer technology with the Madeira Wine Guide website and I am really anxious to see how this is going to work out.

Enjoy your autumn time - cheers!


September 24, 2010

Techno-Update for MWG

Since the server for the MadeiraWineGuide website is located in the U.S. I always had a hard time to put new contents on this website. All the hassle of transfering pictures and text from Europe to Seattle added to the sometimes rather slow groth in content of this website.

Now that the weather turns to rain again (at least here in Europe) and since that means more time for writing up items for the MWG, we decided to implement Windows Live Writer as a tool for changing the contents of the MWG pages.

So I hope this works out well and the changes will result in more and better information on Madeira wine for you.

With kind regards