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June 09, 2013

A traveling Terrantez trio

This trio of bottles was acquired from a private source in Portugal. The owner told me that his uncle bought these bottles on the island of Madeira. The bottles were two almost identical ones printed with T Borges 1790 Madeira and one with Terrantez 1795. All corks were covered with sealing wax; all corks seemed to be very old, shriveled and original and smelled beautiful with the concentrated scent of old Madeira. The two corks from the Borges bottles had both a cork branding, one with a big B for Borges, the other with a rectangular box and the rest of Succesors Lda, so very probably also a cork with an original Borges branding. The cork from the 1795 bottle had no branding, but was certainly original too. Even though the seller had done everything possible to prevent leaking, all bottles had lost some wine during transport. Receiving the package, the smell was so concentrated I feared for the worst. Luckily bottle levels were still high enough. So with adding sterile glass balls, the level of wine could be brought up to the bottle neck again and all three bottles were recorked and sealed.

bottles post

The three Terrantez bottles after transport

TN: T Borges 1790 Terrantez (bottle a)
Cork with B Madeira branding on it, quite small and shriveled, however extracted in one piece. The color is pale iodine brown with grey-greenish rim, strange color. The wine shows a warm caramel nose with a hint of VA, some toffee, a hint of butter, quite subdued. In the mouth there is lots of acidity, lemon fruit, candied orange peel, a prominent bitter Terrantez backbone, smoky caramel, leading over to a long acidic finish with a lingering heart of darkness. 92 points in 3-2013.

corks post

Three shriveled corks

TN: T Borges 1790 Terrantez (bottle b)
Cork with rectangular box branding with Successors Lda legible, identical in shape and length to A. The wine is of medium dark iodine brown with greenish rim, quite different from A. A sweet caramel nose with stingy VA shows butterscotch and a hint of old Cognac. In the mouth there is again lots of acidity, some sweetness to balance it out, definitely more power than A, candied orange as well, a little faded maybe , but more complex, with bitter lemon, hints of marzipan, almonds, cloves and a long acidic finish with a glorious Terrantez backbone that lasts over a minute! 93 points in 3-2013.

t1795 posting

Terrantez 1795 from unknown producer

TN: 1795 Terrantez (producer unknown)
Cork with no signs of the producer, relatively small. Medium dark iodine with orange core and reddish rim, beautiful color, very promising. The nose is sweet toffee all over, no VA at all, cream, hints of vanilla, melting butter, just like grandma cooking her homemade toffee candies 40 years ago – amazing! In the mouth there is an initial sweet-sour attack, lots of acid, refreshing Terrantez bitterness, hazelnut, dark espresso beans, lots of toffee, lingering vanilla in the background, balanced with piercing (but by no means harsh) fruity lemon-like acidity. The acidic finish is very long with beautiful Terrantez-bitterness and a hint of roasted and candied almonds till the end. 95 points in 3-2013


I included pictures of the bottles. So maybe someone knows more about this last 1795 mystery bottle? Any information is highly appreciated – thank you!